Thursday, October 21, 2010

Revised Brainstorm

Now that my topic of choice is done, I will be able to become more focused on exploring the relationships that are played on the subject.  For instance the political and governmental impacts on the decisions made by the country of Ecuador with US corporations.  The website  which was created in the event that took place has many topics that relate to Cheverons issues and views on the Ecuador Lawsuit.  This is an outlook on the coorperations take on the matter versus the the group of Ecuadorians that they claim is sueing them. Also google scholar linked me to articles on Wiley online give information on a meeting that took place at the headquarters for CONFENIA (Confederacion de Nacionalidades Indeginas de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana) on oil matters.  Its a good source to understand where they stand on the issue and what the arguments may be between both sides. I will search further for other sources over the weekend.

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  1. Hi Melissa - As you know I think this is a great topic . . . I look forward to reading more about the sources you've found . . .