Thursday, November 4, 2010

The polls

I am in the leap program in which I worked the polls on nov 2, 2010 .  This was the first time I had worked the polls and noticed that the majority of voters that came out to vote were elderly americans and many were from different origins such as latin America, Korea and China.  My table had about 200 votes and they system could use some a better layout format.  The workers are usually older,  so they are slower and the lines begin to get line for the voters that are actually there. On one or two occasions I could see the frustration in the wait, influencing the whether or not they would vote. Perhaps if they had a more smoother system the process could flow more efficiently .  It seemd to be a bit chaotic but after a long day everyone seemed pleased that they got to vote themselves. One person said that it was important for her vote to count because then she has the right to complain about what our governmental system does or doesnt do for the people. I can concur.

dead draft

The Amazon Forest has been a place that is home to Ecuadorians in that area. It is one of the Worlds greatest natural resources. At the moment those resources are being destroyed and depleted by oil companies.  A major lawsuit taking place with a U.S. based Oil Company called Chevron in Ecuador shows the struggles Ecuadorians are facing as of now on their land and how money plays a role on where and how things get done.  The upper hand presides with the cooperation like chevron because of their ability to outsource all of the requirements needed for research in protecting the reputation of the company .With limited finances, education, and means the people of Ecuador are not as fortunate, suffering on different levels with no finances to back their fight against a cooperate giant like Chevron. The situations have become increasingly difficult for those living around the area showing their limited amount of resources available to them and how the responsible parties are not aiding to their needs. Although their government is a representative democracy it does not seem to be able to resolve the issues placed by the United States based cooperation demonstrating just how powerful the U.S is over Ecuador. Having the ability to deplete the lands resources for monetary gains and not have their ideologies shown for the Ecuadorian people as they would like to imply on themselves.