Thursday, October 21, 2010

Revised Brainstorm

Now that my topic of choice is done, I will be able to become more focused on exploring the relationships that are played on the subject.  For instance the political and governmental impacts on the decisions made by the country of Ecuador with US corporations.  The website  which was created in the event that took place has many topics that relate to Cheverons issues and views on the Ecuador Lawsuit.  This is an outlook on the coorperations take on the matter versus the the group of Ecuadorians that they claim is sueing them. Also google scholar linked me to articles on Wiley online give information on a meeting that took place at the headquarters for CONFENIA (Confederacion de Nacionalidades Indeginas de la Amazonia Ecuatoriana) on oil matters.  Its a good source to understand where they stand on the issue and what the arguments may be between both sides. I will search further for other sources over the weekend.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Links through the Library Media Resource center lead me to sites with articles, such as Ebsco's search engine I was able to modify my inquiries with the subject matter title, for instance U.S relations with Ecuador from their a source an Article describing the Executive Assaults and the Social Foundations of democracy in Ecaudor. Jstor also sent me to a site that called Land Economics is dedicated to the study of land use, natural resources, public utilities, housing, and urban land issues. I like this site although it will not post recent articles but if I am interested in doing research for past periods or history on the subject matter they are available. Also, I was referenced a book on how to rule the world as a source for chapter reading material on my choice of country . I still have more options available but need to balance the art of gaining more time for my research as I find that it is time consuming just to get information to incorperate in my research even if its just a line or two or facts the back my story.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Human Heartbreak

The film hearts and minds was orally descriptive and visually graphic in reciting the events that took place during the war in Vietnam.  Interviews were heard that gave a voice for every different aspect that was experienced from political leaders, military officials, civilians, and the american public, Injured or lost families members from both sides. What I heard most from the interviews in the film was that the Americans did not really know what the war was about nor the troops that were sent out.  The impression that was made was that they were fighting a war against communisim.  What strikes me the most about not knowing why the war was taking place, was the fact the events taking place were publicly broadcasted for everyone to see.  Its heartbreaking to see that while all of America was watching  no-one in the film straight out said the notion,  that the ideology they were forcfully inflicting on a people was so contradicting to the issue at hand.   When in reality the vietnamese were fighting for the right to freedom and independece. Isn't that what America represents?  I think that the the film maker wanted to present that image to the viewer at least he did that for me, along with how many became obsessed with engaging a winning mentatility outside the realm with part of their eveyday day lives, like football games being coached with such conviction to win. Or the ignorance and denial being expressed with human need with the u. s soldeirs at the brothel abroad. Soldiers discriminated against the people catergorizing them a nooks and the enemy but had no problem sharing sexual intimate actes with them. At the same time the resentment of military officials that were pilots in the airforce expressing resentment after realizing that they participated in the genocide of a country.  Along with the ignorance of veterans returning home with the same dicriminatory attitude trying to justify their actions as a good loyal american soldier. It seems the whole operations is a state of confusion filled with lies, deciet and dissapointment for many.  For myself its difficult to watch but more heartbreaking to know that it actually happened and is still taking place now.  In our current war sitiation with Afghanistan we aren't as informed although I'm sure that alot of the same tragedies are occuring now as they did then. The public eye is just not as informed,  with a veil around the reality. It is said that human rights #1  is:  we are all born free and equal.  How can that be fought then justified? When will the value of a human being come before the need to overpower one?