Thursday, September 30, 2010

My country of choice

My country of choice to research is Equador.  This country is part of my parents decent. Particulary my fathers side.  That being said it is more of a personal inquiry for me but I feel that since I was born in America and have very little knowledge of it ,  I am very interested in knowing about my ancestral culture, history and econimical relations with the U.S from a factual point of view, other than what has been taught to me by previous generations within my family.  So far I feel as though equadorians migrate here for ecomonic exchange but I am sure as I do my research I will other areas that contribute to their migration, and relations with the United States. I have gone to wikipedia and  found it provides many references and links that my guide me to cites that pertain useful information on inquiries being made for the topic of my choice. One link that I found to be useful was which particulary gives information on monetary funds such as financial analysis and crisis that are developing in other countries. So in my search of my country of choice Equador I was guided to IMFC statements including the most recent which can be downloaded to find issues on the meetings being held. I found this to be convinient and very informative. Those where a few things I was able to get .What it can't give me based on our discussion in class, is the perspective to my argumentive question.  That, I will be able to develop based on the facts I obtain from sources such as Wikipedia and others that I will come across.


  1. Hi Melissa - I think this will be a very interesting topic for you - did your wikipedia entry give you a sense of the key periods for this relationship? Do you have a sense of what time period you'd like to write about? Can you figure out what time period your IMF document is from?

  2. On the website itself I printed out the most recent IMFC meeting which was on the 24th of April 2010 but have found that but goes as far back as the 1st of July 1991 for that particular topic. As far as wikipedia the periods for the history go as far back as 3500 b.c. As far as its relations with the U.S I have yet to discover.