Thursday, September 16, 2010

1) Lucy's Experience

Upon Lucy's arrival she first describes the time of day and what her surroundings felt like such as the weather and the time of year. Her experiences with things she had never done before such as riding in an elevator, being in an apartment and eating food out of a refrigerator that had been prepared a day before.  She was shown many sites of the city. Many of which she imagined would be spectacular but in her story she expressed that to her, it looked dirty, ordinary and worn down with people coming and going.  She seemed to be unimpressed with all of it and her lasting impression appeared to be more disappointing rather than exciting.  Lucy described a time when city life was a fixture fantasy of hers.  She dreamt of it as a place of happiness to replace of her inner sadness which she found difficult to name. When I read her story she sounds like a very depressed woman that feels out of place. She mentions how the family she is staying with looks at her and laughs as the things she says.  Also she didn’t realize that she would miss all and whom she has known her whole life. Like Lucy, many immigrants have their own feelings about being in America, no ones story is the same and many struggle with trying to adjust in this country with limited means but one thing they all have in common is that they are entering a whole new life and leaving the one they have known behind with a great expectation of something better


  1. Hi Melissa -

    Great response. Did you recognize anything about the United States (or New York) in Kincaid's description?

  2. Yes the weather that its cold in the winter and that people are always coming and going :-)